About Us

our reputation is always on the line.
Excellence...anything less is never acceptable.
Integrity...leadership demands responsibility.  
Teamwork...always makes us better. 

Everything we do at Cypress Creek Farms is guided by a set of principles that define our character and culture. These enduring qualities are the shared convictions that we bring to our professional and personal conduct...they are a fundamental strength of our business.

1.  A Place for Veterans:  We believe that not only do we need to have a place for veterans in our hearts, we also need to provide a place where they can thrive in life and in business.  Cypress Creek Farms cooperative community offers veterans a uniquely designed and viable opportunity to own a home and develop a career while being surrounded by a supportive and nurturing environment.

2.  Environmental Protection and Enhancement:  We believe that we have a responsibility for the world which God has given to us. Veterans bring a wide range of environmental consciousness which we highly respect and need. This makes veterans a natural choice in our quest to develop and support environmentally-friendly and effective food production and sustainable farming techniques.

3.  Healthy Lifestyle:   We consider a healthy lifestyle as a reasonable expectation for all and a critical component if we are to be successful in life. Farmers in America are aging fast. The most recent agricultural census indicates that the average farmer is 57 years of age, and nearly 30 percent of American farmers are over the age of 65. We have the opportunity now to interest a whole new generation, and within the military veterans a very skilled group of people, in agriculture that blends innovative and scientifically proven growing techniques with a healthy and supportive lifestyle.

4.  Sense of Community:  We believe that community can be significantly enriching to us as individuals or as families. Society can benefit from caring and compassionate neighbors. Communities can benefit when people are involved and supportive of one another and share some basic common interests and pursuits.

Cypress Creek Farms establishes the environment where a broad spectrum of needs can be met. these include the unique need of military personnel transitioning to civilian life, job and income concerns, business planning, schools and education requirements, recreational, retail an services. Designed to provide wraparound services, Cypress Creek Farms brings together the elements of community needed to help all veteran resident home-owners to succeed.

5.  Energy Conservation:  
We believe that we have a responsibility to conserve our precious resources and not to be careless about the world we live in. The design of Cypress Creek Farms embraces the best scientific advances in growing techniques and are tailored to utilize energy and natural resources wisely.

6.  Aesthetic Design and High-Quality Construction:  Cypress Creek Farms consists of 126 -acres meticulously designed to embrace environmental considerations and the practical factors essential for a functioning farming community. Building designs incorporate innovative and energy-efficient building materials while incorporating aesthetic features to create a harmony with the local area.

7.  Economic Viability and Sustainability:  Our goal, at Cypress Creek Farms, is to provide an income opportunity that is economically viable and sustainable for all involved. Each one-acre parcel is designed to be self-sustaining and capable of producing a substantial income through micro-farming, while enabling the resident veteran-owner to minimally eliminate the monthly living expenses, including the home mortgage, and also create a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle.

Resident veteran-owners are given all the necessary education, training and support in the farming and business aspects of the project, as well as ongoing community support to maximize their unit production using their greenhouse and hydroponic and vertical growing systems. The integrated live-work environment created within Cypress Creek Farms cooperative community helps assure economic success.