The Mississippi Gulf Coast has a rich multicultural heritage.  Beginning with the Native Americans who called the Mississippi Gulf Coast the French and Spanish the Croatian and Vietnamese fishing families, and the many men and women stationed at Keesler Air Force Base.  The Mississippi Gulf Coast has been influenced by each group.  Many restaurants serve cuisine specific fare such as Chinese, Japanese, or Italian.  However, the influences of different cultures have created local cuisine that can't be found just anywere.

Since dining is a big part of Southern culture and much of what Mississippians do revolves around food, the Gulf Coast is at the heart of the South's tradition of exceptional cuisine.  From creative uses of fresh seafood to unique French-Cajun delicacies, an adventurous and hearty appetite is needed to sample everything Mississippi's Gulf Coast has to offer!

Explore some of the finest restaurants in the South where you can enjoy a great steak, ethnic food, barbecue, or simple home cooking!
The restaurants along the Gulf Coast will saute', fry baste,broil, blacken, bake, and whip up meals that are sure to satisfy your palate.  You will be amazed at the variety of food and restaurants you will find here.  With everything from linen tablecloths to picnic tables, from crystal goblets to "go" cups, and from black tie to flip flops, the Mississippi Gulf Coast has plenty of excellent restaurants eagerly waiting to take care of you.