Life at Cypress Creek Farms

Cypress Creek Farms is a master-planned agricultural cooperative community on 126-acres located in Helena, MS weaving together a complete collection of all the essential components of a healthy and environmentally-friendly community.

Cypress Creek Farms offers sixty single-family homes for sale on one-plus acre lots.  The lots are arranged in such a way as to create an agricultural atmosphere and setting.  They are flanked by hedgerows and wooded areas, private open space, setbacks, and/or grade changes. From the site design to the old fashioned porches, architectural cues are taken from the Arts and Crafts era with generous overhangs, porches and functional detailing.

Besides the construction of an energy-efficient, low-maintenance 1400 sf - 2400 sf single-family residence, the hallmark feature of each land parcel includes a greenhouse, hydroponic vertical growing and irrigation systems, and space for a traditional organic garden.  Cypress Creek Farm's "farm-to-table" focus gives families access to sustainable grown fresh produce not only from each resident's private organic garden, but from the cooperative community's commercial organic farm.