Southern Mississippi brings more people outdoors, enjoying the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of the pine forests, cypress-tupelo swamps, white sand beaches, animals native to the area, and the serenity that country living offers.  

Here are images of the beautiful Helena area landscape:

The Pascagoula (Singing River) Watershed

Helena Mississippi is located near the beautiful Pascagoula River Watershed, which is Mississippi’s second largest basin draining an area of about 9,600 square miles before emptying into the Gulf of Mexico.  Major streams include the Pascagoula, Leaf, and Chickasawhay Rivers, as well as Black and Red Creeks. The Pascagoula River System is the last unregulated major river system in the lower 48 states.

The Pascagoula is often called the "Singing River".  According to legend, the peace-loving Pascagoula Indian tribe sang as they walked hand-in-hand into the river to avoid fighting with the invading Biloxi tribe.  It is said that on quiet nights you can still hear them singing their death chant.

The Pascagoula Watershed also rings with the calls of 327 species of birds that breed among the sprawling cypress-tupelo swamps, oxbow lakes and pine ridges. Wading birds croon as they forage throughout the bayous, and graceful swallow-tail kites hunt for prey in the extensive bottomland forest. Even the distinctive clattering bugle of the rare Mississippi sandhill crane can be heard within the pine savanna.

The Pascagoula River Water Trail invites public use and enjoyment of the entire Pascagoula River and its natural resources.  This 81-mile-long water trail will provide opportunities for Cypress Creek Farm residents to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Pascagoula River Watershed through a system of trails, camping and picnic sites connected via water trail launch points across the entire reach of the river from its headwaters to the Gulf of Mexico.