Freedom Farms of America Program

The overall goal of ACTS Freedom Farms of America (ACTS FFA) program is to incubate small-scale organic farms that co-exist with residential land development, providing benefits to veteran residents of the  micro-farm community, the local community, and the environment. 

The ACTS FFA program mission is to provide veterans the opportunity to own affordable energy-efficient, low maintenance housing; and help them further by championing small-scale, local, and sustainable agri-businesses that protect natural resources, create jobs, reduce poverty, and promote healthy communities.

ACTS Freedom Farms of America

Cypress Creek Farms is our first master planned agricultural community project  and offers a minimum of sixty (60) one-acre parcels which include a single family dwelling that offer "barrier-free" options for greater interior and exterior accessibility; access to a vertical hydroponic greenhouse; and ample vacant land to serve as a high-yield organic garden.  Additional land usage for each ACTS FFA project will be dedicated to streets and sidewalks with common areas such as parks, walking trails, recreational use facilities, and more. 

Additional ACTS FFA projects, varying in size of up to one thousand (1,000) acres are currently under consideration and will follow similar guidelines. In some cases, due to land topography, specific acreage may be set aside for commercial crop production, community livestock production, orchards, and/or vineyards, and even wind and solar farms where applicable.


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