Freedom Complex

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The focal point of Cypress Creek Farms is the handsome and distinctive Freedom Farm Complex. Owned and operated by The ACTS Charitable Foundation for the benefit of veterans and their families, the Freedom Complex serves as the heartbeat of the community.  

Made possible through generous donations from both business and non-profit partners, the Freedom Farm Complex offers various amenities including several multi-purpose rooms, commercial kitchen, fitness area, worship center, gym, swimming pool, playground, and an outdoor patio and garden, so that residents can enjoy an active and productive lifestyle.      

Operating not only as a fully functioning food processing, hydroponic nursery, maintenance and warehouse facility for the community's micro-farming initiatives, it is also an ideal gathering place for art, education, recreation and other public and resident activities. 

The Freedom Complex is designed as a temperature-controlled multiplex facility, with several buildings connecting to large open-space interiors.  Equipped with wireless access throughout the facility, and state-of-the-art audio-visual and presentation equipment, the Freedom Complex is a unique rental venue for corporate, social and cultural events...the perfect place to hold business meetings, wedding receptions, family reunions and entertaining, or other social and community spsonsored events.

The Freedom Complex also hosts an array of educational programs, lectures  and other events to foster continuing agricultural education, culinary programming built around foods grown on site, promoting self-sufficiency and community engagement for resident micro-farming activities.   Help Build the Freedom Complex.  Donate Today!