Accessibility & Adaptability

The developers of Cypress Creek Farms intend to provide the opportunity for veterans with disabilities to use and enjoy their home just like any other do things as independently as possible... offering "barrier-free" interior and exterior options that provide greater accessibility and usability.

All Cypress Creek residential models incorporate an open space design.  Certain design elements can be modified according to the needs of a person with specific disabilities.  These design elements also consider not only the type, but also the degree of the disability and offers certain flexibilities to adjust certain building elements to provide adequate support for major activities (e.g. performing manual tasks, moving around the house and property, and caring for oneself).

Models provide an accessible route into and through the house.  Other considerations may include:
  • replacing stairs with ramps where possible
  • installing alert devices for people who are deaf or blind
  • providing alternate, accessible fire exits
  • U-shaped handles instead of door knobs
  • heat resistant countertops
  • free standing sinks
  • roll-in showers
  • reinforced walls where necessary
  • over-sized doors and doorways for wheelchair access
  • adaptable countertop heights and rounded edges for food preparation
  • mirror heights
  • accessible light switches, thermostats, environmental controls, and electrical outlets